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The story of Lobo starts with a public safety employee who was also a website developer. His love for learning new technologies was aided by choosing to build projects that would both serve a purpose in his public safety roles and help sharpen his development skills.

Over the years a number have websites had been developed, put into service, and then retired when its useful purpose had passed. There was always a new challenge on the horizon.

Building useful applications for police officers, firefighters, and EMS is fun and rewarding. It was done for the love of development. Several of the applications have received interest from departments outside of the agency the application was built for. It was at this time that it was decided to form a business and officially offer the applications for sale and offer technical support. That is the humble beginnings of who we are.

All of our software solutions have been designed and developed by members of fire, police, and EMS. We can assist you in designing custom software solutions or modify our existing solutions to better fit your agency's needs.

Lobo Public Safety Software is software for public safety employees by public safety employees. Who better understands your needs than those who are also in the field?